An award-winning writer, Pam Tate has written full-length and one-act plays,
screenplays and dramatic monologues. Her full-length stageplay, LENI, (previously
Pure Art: A Play About Leni Riefenstahl), won the National Women's Playwriting
Contest sponsored by Famous Door Theater in Chicago.  LENI, has had readings at
Famous Door, Aurora Theatre in California, and Woodstock Fringe and Pulse
Ensemble Theatre in NYC. Most recently, LENI was one of three plays selected for
the 2010 TRU New Play Reading Series in NYC and a staged reading was presented
at The Players Theater.

Pam was a finalist at Houston WorldFest Film Festival for her screenplay,
BEHIND THE MASK, an adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novella. The
stageplay version was produced in 2011. Pam's screenplay The MILL GIRLS
was a semi-finalist at The Austin Film Festival and selected for the IFP Film Market in NYC, as was her screenplay,

Pam is currently at work writing and composing music for
SHIP OF FOOLS THE MUSICAL, based on the novel by
Katherine Anne Porter.

Pam was the recipient of The Joan Howard Kersner Memorial Scholarship in Theatre and Performing Arts, 2001, from
The New School University, where she earned a B.A. in Screenwriting. Pam is a member of The Dramatists Guild.
It is 1947, Germany. Leni Riefenstahl, the notorious and vilified film director of Triumph of the Will and Olympia, is
being held against her will in a mental sanitarium. Leni is treated by a psychiatrist who, tortured by his own actions
during the war, is intent on making a name for himself by analyzing this star of the Third Reich. Leni attempts to justify
her past in order to form an alliance that will help her escape the hospital and regain her lost film, Tiefland. Through
scenes inspired by real events in Riefenstahl’s life, peopled with characters such as Hitler, Goebbels, Josef von
Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich, it becomes evident that it is impossible to consider this brilliant filmmaker’s career in
normal terms, with politics and history invading it from all sides. Was she a knowing Nazi collaborator or a self-
absorbed artist with no political interest? It is only through her growing knowledge of her Nurse, who challenges Leni’
s rationale by revealing bits of her own secretive past, that Leni sees the devastating results of the choices she made
more than a decade before.

SHIP OF FOOLS THE MUSICAL (based on the novel by Katherine Anne Porter)
1934. A German cruise ship travels from the port of Vera Cruz, Mexico, home to Bremerhaven, Germany. During the
twenty-six day cruise, the international first-class passengers love and hate with the same passions that cause the world
to drift toward World War Two. The Cuban Condesa, the ship’s doctor, two young American artists, the oil men, the
staunch German family, the American socialite, the Nazi publisher and his mistress and a Spanish Flamenco Dancing
Troupe fuel the conflicts and romances that culminate in an act of selfless bravery, ironic and tragic.

BEHIND THE MASK (stageplay; feature-length screenplay)
It is 1870 in a village outside of London. Jean Muir comes to live with the Coventrys as governess to Bella, the thirteen-
year-old daughter. Although Jean is small and meek and not of their station, Bella's two older brothers, Gerald, the
heir, and Edward, fall in love with her. Lucia, a beautiful cousin and Gerald's fiancée, is appalled, Bella is excited, and
Sir John Coventry, the uncle who lives alone in baronial splendor next door, is intrigued. But Jean is not what she
seems and her manipulation of the family becomes more and more evident. Just as she is about to realize her ambitions,
the threat of discovery creates a suspense that is fueled by secret assignations, unexpected passions, and the possibility
of a true love match.

FAITH, HOPE AND ROCK & ROLL (feature-length screenplay)
FAITH, HOPE AND ROCK & ROLL is a comedy/drama with music about Jayna Wilde, a cynical New York rock singer
struggling to raise her rebellious teenage daughter, Alana. When her record label drops her because of her declining
sales and increasing age, she and Alana return to Jayna's Indiana hometown, where Jayna meets an attractive producer
and is seduced by the offer of a lucrative gospel music recording contract. As Jayna attempts to clean up her act and
transform herself into a gospel singer, she finds herself caught between the conflicting worlds of her quirky, church-
going family, an old boyfriend who's a bitter out-of-work musician, the gospel producer who's become the new romance
in her life, her lesbian friends and Jewish manager in New York, and her homesick, angry daughter who thinks,
"Mommy's gone completely off the deep end with this 'Christian' thing!"

SHATTERED (feature-length screenplay)
When Lila Grayson suddenly loses her daughter in a terrorist attack in Israel and her husband to a younger woman, she
is devastated. After taking to her bed, Lila rouses herself with a plan. She reinvents herself into a hipper, sexier woman,
picks up a very young Hispanic man, Rico, and proceeds to spend three days in bed with him. At the end of three days,
she plans to kill herself. But as Lila and Rico spend time together, it's clear they have a connection beyond sex. Can it
sustain them beyond Lila’s need for self-annihilation?

THE MILL GIRLS  (feature-length screenplay)
It is the Industrial Revolution and Yankee girls are thrilled to be liberated from their homes to become independent
working women for the first time in America. Harriet Thayer is an aspiring writer who defies her wealthy, domineering
father and her fiancé when she goes to work in a textile mill in 1842 Lowell, Massachusetts. There her three
roommates' hard-luck lives inspire Harriet's stories and open her eyes to social injustice. Harriet's political and sexual
awakening escalates when she meets Franco De'Lio, a labor organizer, and must choose between her job, her family
and her friends and a dangerous, uncertain future as a political activist.
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